Appearing in "The Night the Sphinx Spoke"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Night the Sphinx Spoke"Edit

A thief gets the idea to relieve Egyptian workmen of their jewel find by wiring the Sphinx statue for sound and getting accomplices to pretend to be Pharaoh and slaves. He is surprised to be arrested the following day and taken to jail where his accomplices ratted him out after getting pinched trying to steal the costumes. He wonders who showed up last night to take the jewels.

Appearing in "A Day To Remember"Edit

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Synopsis for "A Day To Remember"Edit

A man finds a wallet with a notice about a reward for its return so he brings it to the address listed only to be told by strange people that the building is really a disguised rocket ship and he has won a free trip to Mars. He escapes back to his Wife, who tells him today is April 1st and he thinks it was a prank, but they were real Martians.

Appearing in "The Man Who Vanished"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Man Who Vanished"Edit

An artist visits his scientist friend who has developed a serum which transports living creatures into the past. The scientist thinks his friend's drawings are primitive like cave people's but the artist denies it. The scientist leaves the room and the artist pricks himself with the hypo accidentally which contains the serum. He finds himself in the distant past painting cave walls until the serum wears off and he returns to the present unaware of his trip through time. The scientist returns to the room and they continue their disagreement.

Appearing in "A Man's Best Friend"Edit

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Synopsis for "A Man's Best Friend"Edit

A man thinks his hound is lazy and good for nothing, but he doesn't know that the dog had earlier been abducted by aliens from Jupiter who had been planning on invading Earth until the dog attacked the Emperor's enemies and the Jupiter aliens returned him to Earth.

Appearing in "Trapped In the Labyrinth"Edit

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Synopsis for "Trapped In the Labyrinth"Edit

Two men compete against each other to solve puzzles until the one defeats the other by having a mystic hypnotize his opponent and place him into a labyrinth of his own mind.

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