Appearing in "Only One to a Customer"Edit

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Synopsis for "Only One to a Customer"Edit

After a pitchman abuses the hospitality of tiny alien visitors by attempting to sell them on the street for profit, they take him back to their planet where he is sold as a toy mechanical giant.

Appearing in "The Barefoot Man"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Barefoot Man"Edit

A thief desires to acquire a pair of boots for the status that it will afford him, so he steals the first pair that he comes across, but they belong to a murderer and the authorities track him down by the prints his boots leave in the dirt.

Appearing in "Sarah"Edit

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Synopsis for "Sarah"Edit

A woman attempts to steal a sword that used to belong to Benedict Arnold from a farmer who dug it up on his property, but when she is confronted by a silent, grinning stranger whom she takes to be a rival collector, her shame gets the better of her and she confesses her theft to a passing police car rather than be turned over to the police by the man. After the police lead her away, the man is revealed to be a French tourist seeking directions who knows no English.

Appearing in "Deep Down"Edit

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Synopsis for "Deep Down"Edit

A man is chased by a monster in a cave and so blocks him in with a large gold nugget. He wants the gold but cannot figure out how to remove it without the monster getting him. Every year for 50 years he has returned to the surface and recruited another to help him think of a way to acquire the gold without being attacked. The story ends when all 50 men leave the cave after deciding that there was no way and the gold wasn't worth the effort.

Appearing in "The Albatross"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Albatross"Edit

When a sailor kills an albatross, which represents good luck to the crew, the ship flounders with a dead radio until the men lash the sailor to the mast with the albatross tied around his neck as punishment. When the man dies, the ship's bad fortune clears, and they make their way back to port.

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