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That Skrull infiltrator took over the identity of Ulysses Lugman alias the Slug. He was part of Hood's Gang, who gathered to interrogate the last S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. Madame Masque fires at the man's legs and feet until he cracks and reverts to Skrull form. Masque asks the Skrull why his agents were trying to replace her with a Skrull, to which he replies that the Skrulls need agents from all over the world to claim it as their own. Masque delivers the final blow to the undercover Skrull. As the group begins to argue about who could be a Skrull or who could not, Hood uses his powers to discover that Slug is also a Skrull. With all the bodies in the warehouse, Hood instructs his team to burn it.


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