In Earth-9047, Ultron was seen looking inside a garbage bin in the street when Park Bench brought Nosey Dame near the Fantastical Four headquarters. Ultron raised his head to see him, and then he continued with his activity.[1]

At a later point, the Quasi-Humans held job auditions for a partner for one of their number, Medoozy, in a cross-over. Ultron went to the audition and spent a time in the queue, but he was not chosen for the job.[2]


He found a clock in the garbage.[1]

  • This character is never identified by name in What The--?!. The article assumes that he shares name with his apparent counterpart on Earth-616, although most characters from Earth-9047 have some pun in their names.
  • As rendered in What The--?! Vol 1 2, Ultron-9407 closely resembled Byrne's privately owned creation, Rog-2000, originally seen in the fanzine Contemporary Pictorial Literature and later a back-up feature in comic books by Charlton Comics.

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