Based on Iron Man's enemy Ultimo, this battle suit is a remotely controlled version of Ultimo created by A.I.M. and was used by Norman Osborn when he tried to capture Iron Man to take his armor off. When the New Avengers arrived, they fought the android. After a smaller robot detached from Ultimo and took a blood sample of Wolverine, Osborn ordered to self destruct Ultimo.[1]

The armor was rebuilt and faced Iron Man in San Francisco, and was again defeated.[2]

It was recently reconfigured in Greece by an inverted "Superior" Iron Man to take out Blue Marvel while he and his group of as well inverted Avengers dealt with the other Mighty Avengers. It was shattered to pieces by Blue Marvel in the Aegean Sea.[3]


Reassembled in a populated area in Greece, he was deemed a Level Five Emergency by Blue Marvel, stating that "people [would] die unless" he went to stop him.[3]


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