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Quote1 We're the Ultimates. The ultimate team, to solve the ultimate problems. Quote2
--Captain Marvel[src]


The Ultimates originated from Captain Marvel's proposal of a proactive task force with the purpose of looking into potential threats and solve them before they could become a problem to the Earth, applying nonviolent solutions whenever possible. After consulting the project with Black Panther, Captain Marvel was directed to another potential member, Blue Marvel, a hero experienced in cosmic-level threats, who in turn recommended the addition of Spectrum, a powerhouse with high-level of super hero strategy. The final proposed member was Ms. America, suggested by Spectrum due to her knowledge in cosmic territory.[1]

The Outside

One of the Ultimates' first missions involved the threat of Galactus' hunger. To solve this problem, they confronted Galactus by trapping him inside his old Incubator and used a similar process that was used to create him, but using Neutronium to accelerate it. After a flash of light and the Incubator's destruction, Galactus emerged anew with a new purpose in life, he became a lifebringer. The first planet that Galactus restored was Archeopia, which had been the very same first victim of his hunger.[2]

During an ensuing mission to exit the Omniverse to attempt to assess any damage caused to the structure of the time by the abuse of time travel, the Ultimates encountered the Anti-Man trapped within the Neutral Zone.[3] Blue Marvel attempted to kill him, partially in revenge for the death of his wife, but his son Kevin stopped him. Instead, the Anti-Man was rescued and the Ultimates brought him in their continuing journey.[4] When their ship, the Abeona, was destroyed barely before reaching their objective, the Ultimates were saved by Galactus. Galactus stopped them, and returned them home after the Anti-Man reached a state of hyper-cosmic awareness, as Galactus wished for them not to see the full scope of reality, which would've been too much for them to bear.[5]

Civil War II

Soon after returning home, the Ultimates became involved in the second superhuman Civil War, provoked by the appearance of an Inhuman named Ulysses Cain with the ability to profile the future. Ms. America adamantly opposed Captain Marvel's initiative to actively use Ulysses to proactively fight crime, while the rest of the Ultimates supported her, to a certain degree. The difference of opinions led to physical conflict between the Ultimates.[6] During this brawl, the Anti-Man escaped custody and fled.[7] Black Panther eventually also publicly disavowed Captain Marvel's actions and joined Iron Man's faction that opposed predictive justice.[8]

The team was terminated as a consequence of these altercations, which were reported by Philip Nelson Vogt, leader of the Troubleshooters and federal agent who was tasked to covertly monitor the Ultimates' activities.[9]

Cosmic Jailer

The members of the Ultimates were assembled once again in secrecy by Ms. America at the request of Galactus to serve as his heralds and investigate the mystery of who had chained Eternity.[10]

Equipment: None known.
Transportation: Formerly the Abeona
Weapons: None known.

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