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Modern-Age, Ultimate Power Vol 1, Joe Quesada/Editor-in-Chief, Greg Land/Cover Artist, Matt Ryan/Cover Artist, Justin Ponsor/Cover Artist, Brian Michael Bendis/Writer, Greg Land/Penciler, Matt Ryan/Inker, Justin Ponsor/Colourist, Andrew Crossley/Colourist, Cory Petit/Letterer, John Barber/Editor, Ralph Macchio/Editor, Mark Milton (Earth-31916)/Quotes, Squadron Supreme (Earth-31916)/Appearances, Mark Milton (Earth-31916)/Appearances, Amphibian (Earth-31916)/Appearances, Arcanna Jones (Earth-31916)/Appearances, Stanley Stewart (Earth-31916)/Appearances, Joseph Ledger (Earth-31916)/Appearances, Edith Freiberg (Earth-31916)/Appearances, Albert Gaines (Earth-31916)/Appearances, Zarda (Earth-31916)/Appearances, Raleigh Lund (Earth-31916)/Appearances, Thomas Thompson (Earth-31916)/Appearances, Kyle Richmond (Earth-31916)/Appearances, Ultimates (Earth-1610)/Appearances, Nicholas Fury (Earth-1610)/Appearances, Wanda Lensherr (Earth-1610)/Appearances, Thor Odinson (Earth-1610)/Appearances, Steven Rogers (Earth-1610)/Appearances, Clint Barton (Earth-1610)/Appearances, Pietro Lensherr (Earth-1610)/Appearances, Henry Pym (Earth-1610)/Appearances, Janet van Dyne (Earth-1610)/Appearances, Antonio Stark (Earth-1610)/Appearances, X-Men (Earth-1610)/Appearances, Ororo Munroe (Earth-1610)/Appearances, James Howlett (Earth-1610)/Appearances, Katherine Pryde (Earth-1610)/Appearances, Jean Grey (Earth-1610)/Appearances, Scott Summers (Earth-1610)/Appearances, Marian Carlyle (Earth-1610)/Appearances, Robert Drake (Earth-1610)/Appearances, Peter Parker (Earth-1610)/Appearances, Fantastic Four (Earth-1610)/Appearances, Susan Storm (Earth-1610)/Appearances, Reed Richards (Earth-1610)/Appearances, Benjamin Grimm (Earth-1610)/Appearances, Jonathan Storm (Earth-1610)/Appearances, Bill Steadman (Earth-31916)/Appearances, Earth-31916/Appearances, Washington, D.C./Appearances, Washington Monument/Appearances, Lincoln Memorial/Appearances, Capitol Building/Appearances, New York State/Appearances, New York City/Appearances, Manhattan/Appearances, Earth-1610/Appearances, Baxter Building/Appearances, Web-Shooters/Appearances, Mjolnir/Appearances, Captain America's Shield/Appearances, Iron Tech Armor (Earth-1610)/Appearances

Ultimate Power Vol 1 3


Ultimate Power Vol 1 3

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Quote1 Gather the Squadron. Quote2
-- Hyperion

Appearing in "Ultimate Power (Part III)"Edit

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Synopsis for "Ultimate Power (Part III)"Edit

In the Earth-31916 universe, the President of the United States is moved to a secure bunker by the Secret Service, where he learns that an unknown, rapidly-growing organism has overwhelmed much of the Eastern United States. The Squadron Supreme are battling the organism and rescuing civilians when Hyperion discovers that the source of the organism is one of Reed Richard's probes.

The Squadron Supreme analyze the device and inadvertently trigger it. A holographic projection appears with an audio greeting from Richards and snapshots of the Fantastic Four and his universe. Hyperion, deducing that Richards knows about the organism and is responsible for it, immediately organizes an invasion force to apprehend Richards from his own dimension.

In the Earth-1610 universe, Hyperion demands Richards return with them to solve the problem and stand trial for crimes against humanity. Reed agrees, despite fierce resistance from Invisible Woman, and disappears with the Squadron Supreme. Nick Fury immediately begins assembling a rescue team from elements of the X-Men, Ultimates, and Fantastic Four.

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