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Ultimate Fantastic Four (story arcs)

Covers the origin of the Ultimate Fantastic Four, including how they gained their powers, and their first battle with the psychotic Mole Man.

Introduces Ultimate Dr. Doom, who attempts to kill Reed along with the rest of the four using tiny insectoid robots manufactured from cell phone parts.

  • Arc 3: N-Zone (#13-18) by Warren Ellis and Adam Kubert

While exploring the N-Zone via their spaceship Awesome, the Ultimate Fantastic Four encounter the bizarre and sadistic alien Nihil.

Returning to the Baxter Building after their adventure in the N-Zone, the Fantastic Four are attacked and kidnapped by Rhona Burchill, also known as the Mad Thinker.

  • Annual 1: Inhuman (Annual # 1) by Mark Millar and Jae Lee

The Four run into the rogue Inhuman Crystal, whom Johnny instantly claims he loves. They then attempt to break up Crystal's arranged marriage to Black Bolt's brother. This was the first Ultimate appearance of the Inhumans.

  • Arc 5: Crossover (#21-23) by Mark Millar and Greg Land

Reed receives contact from an older version of himself from an alternate dimension. After crossing over, Reed discovers he's been duped and that the entire world is infested with blood-thirsty zombies, looking for their next meal. Namely, Reed.

  • Arc 6: Tomb of Prince Namor (#24-26) by Mark Millar and Greg Land

While joining an excavation of Atlantis with Mary Storm (the previously thought dead mother of Sue and Johnny,) the four unearth the tomb of an ancient Atlantean named Namor, who may not be exactly who he seems.

  • Arc 7: President Thor (#27-29) by Mark Millar and Greg Land

Using time-travel, the Fantastic Four attempt to erase the accident which gave them their powers. But there is a law of unintended consequences...

  • Arc 8: Frightful (#30-32) by Mark Millar and Greg Land

The escape of the Frightful Four, Johnny has one week to live, and only Doctor Doom can help him.

Diablo plots to escape his mystical prison in 15th century Milan while also plotting to conquer the present world. The team and Lumpkin travel back to medieval Milan to end this threat. Ben dies and is a new blue form.

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