Quote1 A mutant drowned this city. You do not get to be a mutant in New York City!! Quote2
-- Miles Morales

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Miles ran down the street and encountered two movers lifting a flat-screen television across the sidewalk. Instinctively, Miles leaped over the television. The surrounding spectators stared at him in amazement and were baffled when he then vanished into thin air, exclaiming that he must be a mutant. Miles then hid in a nearby alleyway and once again became visible. While continuing down the street he came across a gang of older kids. One of them grabbed his bag and demanded he either gave him some food or an iPad. Miles then grabbed the kid by the wrist and managed to stun him, much like the spider had done to him earlier before he passed out. Miles, afraid he might be a mutant, visited his best friend, Ganke, and confessed his new-found abilities to him and demonstrated his Venom Strike on a lego model. Ganke, who was also accepted to the same school as Miles, was amazed and immediately started doing research to explain the phenomenon.

Mr. Morales arrived at Ganke's house and ordered Miles to come with him. The two then sat on a park bench and discussed the reasons he didn't want Miles hanging around Aaron: because he was a thief. Ice Man and the Human Torch then flew by, causing Mr. Morales to comment negatively on the existence of mutants.

That night Miles received a text message from Ganke, explaining that he had found a newspaper article written by Ben Urich which explained that Spider-Man received his spider-powers through a spider bite as well. This prompted Miles to attempt to climb the walls of his bedroom, which he did successfully, causing him to exclaim "Oh no."

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Ganke is wearing a shirt with the image of Mainstream super hero Frog-Man.

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