Supposedly, in every reality the Celestials would reproduce by impregnating entire planets and manipulating its inhabitants into acting as antibodies, and they had forced the Watchers into serving as "mid-wives" to this process.[1] While this is true on Earth-9997, the fact that every reality is thus effected remains to be revealed. However, it would appear that Earth-9904 is just one of those worlds. When the Watchers of the various alternate Earths would learn that their counterpart on Earth-9997 had revealed the guarded secret of Celestial propagation to the people of his Earth allowing them to eliminate the Celestial growing inside, they would go to Earth-9997 to put him on trail.[2] Among these Watchers would be the Watcher of Earth-9904.

Their trial would end when the Heralds (a team of heroes from all over the multiverse who were attempting to warn other realities of the Celestial growing in their worlds) transporting all the Watchers back to their own realities and place them before people who might someday learn the truth and prevent the Celestials plans, thereby making them all guilty of the same crime as their Earth-9997 benefactor. The Watcher of Earth-9904 would be teleported in front of his worlds Avengers.[3] The outcome of this encounter remains unrevealed.

The fate of Uatu remains unrevealed, however he was likely killed when Immortus erased Earth-9904 from existence.[4]


Seemingly those of Uatu of Earth-616.

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