At the end of the main story of each Marvel Apes issue, a gorilla version of the Watcher can be seen telling us about stories from the past and trying to get around to a story of the "Marvel Age of Apes". In issue two he becomes drunk after drinking an "Ultimate Nullifier", which he claims is like a martini only mixed with "Kirby Dots", in his drunken state he vents at how boring watching everything all the time is. He also reveals how he is infatuated with the ape version of Wasp. In his drunken ranting he goes so far as to ask the reader if they "wanna make out". Then after realizing what he has said, he apologises and tries to explain himself. He usually picks stories to tell that entertain him, such as the story of cowboy giant rat men, or homosexual cowboy-apes, or the story of how Odin sentenced Thorangutan to learn humility by becoming a doctor in the upbeat, rich city of Monkhattan.[1]


See Uatu (Earth-616)#Powers.

Strength level

At least able to lift/press 50 tons, but likely more.

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