Tyler Stone was the son of Tiberius "Ty" Stone, the founder of Alchemax Corporation; in the 2099 A.D. Tyler was the Vice Principal of Alchemax, leader of the Research & Development Section in Nueva York at the Alchemax Headquarters. Tyler was secretly the biological father of Miguel O'Hara, known as the Spider-Man of the year 2099.[2][3]

Origin & Early Years

Not much is known about Tyler's early history. He married Nancy Herod, daughter of the leader of the Chicago Reserve Anthony Herod, for additional wealth or power, and theirs was a mostly loveless marriage.[4][5] Nancy's father, Anthony Herod, was a significant presence in the United States, and someone evoking his name was one of the few things that could give Tyler pause.[1] Around the time Nancy gave birth to their son, Kron, Tyler was having an affair with Conchata O'Hara, wife of one of his employees. Conchata became pregnant and gave birth to Tyler's illegitimate son, Miguel O'Hara, who was raised without knowing who his biological father was. Only Tyler and Conchata knew the secret at first, but Nancy admitted she knew the truth to Conchata when Miguel was a teenager, and the two women inexplicably bonded over their poor taste in men.[5] Later, Conchata once hinted that Tyler was responsible for his wife's demise, and she had evidence she could turn over to Anthony Herod if anything ever happened to her.[3]

Vice President of Alchemax

Tyler later became the Vice President of Alchemax Corporation, the MegaCorp created by his father Tiberius, later becoming the Director of the Research & Development Section, situated at the Alchemax Headquarters in Nueva York, under the direct control of the CEO of Alchemax, Avatarr.

Eventually, Miguel O'Hara grew up to become a genetist working for Tyler at Alchemax on the Corporate Raider Program. When Miguel developed a troubling conscience over human testing, Tyler seemingly had Miguel addicted to the highly potent drug 'Rapture'. Since Alchemax controlled the distribution of Rapture, Tyler was confident Miguel would stay on the program to ensure his supply. Miguel's efforts to rid himself of the addiction using Corporate Raider technologies ended up giving him Spider-Powers, and making him a thorn in Alchemax's side as Spider-Man.[6] Tyler initially told Miguel he had identified Spider-Man as another employee, Aaron Delgato, although there were hints that Tyler knew Miguel's identity even from the beginning. Miguel agreed to return to Alchemax in order to keep access to the tech that made him Spider-Man, in the hopes of reversing it.[7]

Then, Tyler decided to borrow the Stark-Fujikawa Corporation's assassin known as the Specialist to kidnap Kasey Nash in order to lure Spider-Man into battle. However, during the battle against Spider-Man, his throat was accidentally slit as Miguel discovered his new powers included talons.[8]

Tyler's son Kron Stone, chronically neglected and physically abused by the family's robot nanny, grew up to be an amoral murderer. His serial killings took the lives of Jake Gallows' extended family, resulting in his transformation into his era's Punisher. Kron, like many other rich people, has the ability to simply purchase his way out of any legal punishment using his Black Card credit. This did not save him from death at Jake's hands.[9] Tyler did not mourn his son's death: he simply flushed what he believes were his son's ashes down the toilet. Kron's real body had encountered and merged with a symbiotic entity believed to be the original Venom.[10]

Miguel later infiltrates Tyler's building. He unexpectedly overhears his own mother conversing with Tyler. He then hears he is actually Tyler's son due to an illicit affair his mother once had with Tyler years ago. He also discovers that the 'Rapture' drug he was given was actually a simulated dose, simply meant to scare Miguel into staying employed by Alchemax. Miguel was never given actual Rapture, and his attempt to cure himself of the drug was unnecessary.[3]

One Nation Under Doom

When Victor von Doom took control of the White House, becoming the new President of the United States, he decided to organise a meeting with all of the Executives of the American MegaCorps, including Alchemax's Chief Executive Avatarr and Vice President Tyler Stone. During that meeting, Doom decided that all of the MegaCorps had to be controlled from that moment only by the President himself. Then, he decided that he was going to kill one of the Executives, as demostration of his power. Here, under Tyler's advice, Doom finally killed Avatarr, who showed up to be an Alien.[11]

After the death of Avatarr, Tyler officially became the new CEO of Alchemax but only for a short period of time before being selected as President Doom's new Minister of MegaCorporations; his previous place at Alchemax was destined by Doom, again under Tyler's advice, to Miguel O'Hara, who became the new and the last CEO.[1] At the same time, Tyler worked closely with his father-in-law Anthony Herod and his Chicago Reserve to overthrown Doom, putting a fake Captain America as the new President under the direct control of Herod.[12]

When Tyler returned home to his new lover, Dana D'Angelo, after a meeting with Herod, was shoot by his former lover Conchata, Miguel's mother, and mistakenly believed to be dead.[1] Instead, Tyler was recovered in an hospital in Nueva York. During this time, a comatose Tyler was approached by his believed deceased son Kron, returned as Venom, who tried to kill him, but he was saved by Miguel as Spider-Man.[10]

Last Days

When Tyler awoke from his comatose state, he tried to regain control of Alchemax from Miguel without results, even revealing to Miguel he was his father, then knowing that Miguel knew that information from some time.[13] Later, Tyler had a meeting with Conchata, now Miguel's secretary at Alchemax. Here, he was going to be killed by her, but his life was saved by Miguel himself. At that point, after admitting that he knew from the beginning that Miguel was Spider-Man, he disappeared, revealing to be only an advanced hologram.[14]


When Nueva York was compleatly flooded by the forces of the Atlanteans led by Attuma, Tyler tried to escape in his personal Colony on planet Mars, but he was killed in the attempt by the Atlantean General Dagim.[15]



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