Little is known about Western outlaw Twist Staley, including his real name. The leader of an outfit known as the Rustlers' Roost Gang, Staley made his living stealing cattle herds, rebranding them, and selling them off. After using this ruse on the cattle herd of the Lazy S Ranch, Staley and his gang attempted to do the same to herd from the Bar 3 Ranch. However, the ranch hands at Bar 3 caught the gang in an ambush, and shot or captured a number of low-level riders.

Retreating to their hideout, Staley was confronted by his second-in-command, Crow Kessler. Kessler accused Staley of being unfit to lead, so Staley agreed to a shoot-out to determine who would lead the outfit. However, they were interupted by Staley's old foe, U.S. Marshal Sandy Sandlin. Sandlin shot gang member Little Augie dead, and took the rest of the gang into custody.

Staley, along with the rest of his gang, was sentenced to death by hanging.[1]





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