Tuurgid the Unbeatable was a Frost Giant champion.[1] ...[2][3]

Death by Brood

Years later, Tuurgid was killed by a Brood infestation, or rather he was infected, and turned himself into a Brood.[1]

As the Elder of the Universe known as the Champion of the Universe wished to challenge the claims of the Hulk and Thor to be respectively "the strongest there is" and "worthy", his fellow Elder the Promoter set up a series of challenges, the first being to retrieve the Belt of Tuurgid the Unbeatable.[1]

Thor soon found himself facing the Brood-infected Frost Giant[1] corpse.[4]

Intending to turn both Hulk and Thor into fellow Brood, "Tuurgird" and his band were finally defeated when the Avengers created a pit on the ground in which the giant Brood fell, seemingly to his death. Hulk then retrieved the Belt, ending the first challenge.[4]


Those conventional to the Frost Giants and to the Brood, including:


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