Flag of Turkey

Flag of Turkey

Turkey, officially the Republic of Turkey, is a country in Eurasia, mainly on the Anatolian peninsula in Western Asia, with a smaller portion on the Balkan peninsula in Southeast Europe. Its capital city is Ankara, while Istanbul is it's largest city.[1]

Ancient Times

Trojan War was a war between the Greece and the City of Troy. The strife began after the Trojan prince Paris abducted Helen, wife of Menelaus of Sparta. When Menelaus demanded her return, the Trojans refused. Menelaus then persuaded his brother Agamemnon to lead an army against Troy. At Aulis, troopships gathered, led by the greatest Greek heroes; Achilles, Patroclus, Diomedes, Odysseus and Ajax. In order to win favorable winds for the journey, Agamemnon sacrificed his daughter Iphigenia to Artemis. The winds came and the fleet set sail for Troy. For nine years the Greeks ravaged Troy's surrounding cities and countryside, but the city itself, well fortified and commanded by Hector and other sons of the royal household, held out.

Hercules was one of the many warriors from Greece to take part in the Trojan War.[2]

While battling some Storm Giants, Thor and Loki discover the crack in the ground that once led to Olympus [3]. This time, strange mists rob Thor of his memory as he and Loki get separated in the cavern. Once through, he meets Aeneas and finds himself involved in the Trojan War. He assisted to the single combat between Menelaus and Paris, and rejoiced to see Paris defeated, meaning the war's end. As Paris was about to be slain, Aphrodite came invisible to save him, seen only from Thor and Aeneas. The was soon reignited by Athena who manipulated Pandarus of Lycia to strike an arrow at Menelaus. Aeneas took Pandarus with him on a chariot for him to attack Menelaus at close range, but he was slain by Diomedes (manipulated by Athena as well). As Aeneas went to help the fallen Pandarus, Diomedes struck him with a massive rock and attempted to slay Aeaneas, who was timely protected by Aphrodite, then by Thor. Thor evacuated Aeneas within the walls of Troy, where he asked the Norse God to heal him for him to return to battle.[4]

Achilles (Greek Legend) (Earth-616) from Thor Annual Vol 1 8 0001

Achilles was one of the greatest warriors in the battle virtually unstoppable. But was hit in his vulnerable heel with a poisonous arrow shot by Paris I, killing the great warrior. [4]

After his adventures, and a battle with Zeus after regaining his memory, Thor returns to the cavern where he meets Loki. Loki told him that he had lost his memory as well, but contributed to the war in his own way by telling King Odysseus of Ithica about a horse.[4]

Wooden horse from Thor Annual 8

Finally the Greeks built a large hollow wooden horse; the "Trojan Horse" in which a small group of warriors were concealed. The other Greeks appeared to sail for home, leaving behind only the horse and Sinon, who deceitfully persuaded the Trojans, despite the warnings of Cassandra and Laocoön, to take the horse within the city walls. At night the Greeks returned; their companions crept out of the horse and opened the city gates, and Troy was destroyed.[4]

20th Century

During World War II, Turkey maintained a neutral stance on the war until it joined with the Allies in early 1945 as a ceremonial gesture. Prior to this, both Axis and Allied forces attempted to sway Turkey to their side of the war, leading to many confrontations between Axis forces and American super-heroes who were active in the area. 1943 saw the first recorded case of such when Nazi agent Elanor von Drei travelled to Istanbul and attempted to coerce the men of the city into becoming loyal to the Nazi cause. This plan was thwarted by the Human Torch and Toro[5]. Later, the Nazi loyalist known as Ali Baba gathered an army of warriors from across the Middle East and mobilized them as an army to battle Allied Forces in Turkey. Their operation was quashed by Captain America and Bucky[6]. In 1944, the Nazi operative Baron von Ritter attempted to steal plans for an Allied artillery replacement in Istanbul, but he was stopped by the Torch and Toro[7].

American Secret Service agent Kent Blake was dispatched to Turkey to dismantle a spy organization run by the Snake[8].

Modern Era

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In Istanbul, Agent 13 learned by chance that Captain America was alive.[14]

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Aban, the son of the immortal Zahhak, was rescued by Terror from an Istanbul base, thinking that Dr. Jean-Marc LeFēvre was experimenting on him, but when Terror brought the boy to a hospital, everyone present began to die from the plague. He was defeated and captured by Terror with the help of Alexis Primo and the Mujahedeen Mahboobullah Karzahellian. Aban and his father Zahhak were both trapped in the Zagros mountains' cave, where Zahhak's snakes try to consume Aban's brains each day before Aban's plague kills them. [20]

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The Inhuman known as Reader escorted Xiaoyi Chen from China through the Anatolina Plateau of Turkey, where they are attacked by a group of mercenaries who they easily bested.[25]

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