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The Morlock tunnels beneath the New York subway system
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Marauders, Savage Wolf street gang
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Morlocks group
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A pier in New York City, where most of the remaining team was slain.
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The Tunnelers were caught in the Alley when the Marauders began the Mutant Massacre. They were one of the few groups of Morlocks to defeat the Marauders on their own, losing half their number in repelling the Marauders.

The remaining members (Blowhard, Masque, Scaleface, and Berzerker) reluctantly accepted X-Factor's offer of shelter, but later snuck out into the city. While contemplating their future, they are attacked by gang members, and later police. X-Factor tries to stop the fighting, but fails, and all but Masque were slain.

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