Tullk was was a galactic bounty hunter and mercenary. He was employed by Ronan the Accuser to find the Rigellian; Tana Nile He set up a base on the planet Bwokk, to which Tana had visted. When Ronan arrived on this world he slew warlord in perceived justice this created a power vacuum on the planet starting a war between chieftains, but Ronan found this to be irrelevant as to him justice had been done. He informed Ronan that Tana had left Bwokk three rotations ago. He had a a copy of the flight plan he agreed to give this to Ronan in exchange for a disc containing tactical information on the Kree Sentries. Ronan reluctantly agreed but threatened him if the information was incorrect.[1]

He was later contacted by Tana Nile telling him that she was on the Abyss settlement on the planet Godthab Omega. He contacted Ronan telling him Tana's location and told him it was just a professional courtesy. When Tana contacted again she threatened him if played both sides again she would kill him. However his ship was hit by debris buy when he investigated he found a group of destroyed Kree Ships. However he was attacked by the Annihilation Wave and when he tried to call out for help he was eaten by one of the insectoids. [2]

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