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History of this race is unknown.

Powers and Abilities


The Danaans all have some potential to practice magic,mostly but not limited to changing their appearances, transforming matter and wielding cosmic, elemental and paranormal energies.


None known.

Average Strength level

The Average Danaan male can lift (press) about 30 tons under optimal conditions; the average Danaan female can lift (press) 25 tons under optimal conditions.


None known.


Habitat: Earth-like
Gravity: Normal
Atmosphere: Normal


Type of Government: Monarchy
Level of Technology: Magic
Cultural Traits: The Danaans were worshipped as gods by the Celts and Gaels of the British Isles and Gaul, now comprising modern England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and France.
Representatives: Caber, Aiden, Brigid, Cernunnos, The Dagda, The Lady of the Lake, Leir, Morrigan, Taranis et al


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"Tuatha de Danaan" translates as "Children of Danu." Danu was their ancestral spirit linked with the Danube river in Ancient Gaul (modern Germany, France and Switzerland). It sometimes appears in Celtic literature as "Tuatha de Danann."

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