Truth "Ruthie" MacRae is the daughter of two former superhuman crime-fighters, Cap'n Hip and Sunshine. MacRae remained unaware of her parent's former lives, and she grew up resentful of their counter-culture views. Once, she and her parents were saved from mugging by the heroic Black Fox, exciting the young girl and inspiring her. [1]

When a teenager, MacRae's parents began searching through her personal items, discovering that MacRae was hiding something from them-- she had inherited superhuman powers from her parents. Enraged that her parents violated her trust, MacRae ran away from home at one point, the full circumstances of which remain unknown. [2]

MacRae continued to seek out the Black Fox. When his alter-ego, Robert Paine, became professor of law at Northwestern University in Chicago, MacRae enrolled in college to be in Paine's life. However, when Paine failed to recognize her as more than a student, MacRae created the costumed identity of Gadfly. Presumably, MacRae performed many acts of petty and thrill-seeking villainy, in order to force the Black Fox to fight her. [3]

Later still, MacRae was among those recruited by the First Line to defend Earth against an invasion by the alien Skrulls. The Black Fox was killed during the battle in MacRae's arms, and she quickly followed him. [4]



Although Gadfly's first published appearance, and her character's death, was in Marvel: The Lost Generation #12, issues in the series were published in reverse chronological order, so her introduction as a character occurred in Marvel: The Lost Generation #6.

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