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Trustees of Hate
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Balkan Mountains
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Doctor Vortex, Lara, Weasle, Lor
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The Trustees of Hate were a group that occupied a castle in the Balkan mountains between the nations of Borsia and Gratzia. They were led by the evil Dr. Vortex who sought to push the two nations into warring with each other for unrevealed reasons. Their members included a thug named Weasle, female operative Lara, and a green skinned executioner named Lor. Those who would oppose them would be tossed into a lime pit that was outside of their castle.

Trustees of Hate (Lara) (Earth-616)

Lara using the hate ray

Their evil deeds would attract the hero known as the Blue Blaze who would rise out of the lime, scaring Lor to the point of fainting. Attempting to stop the Trustees plot he would be held at gun point by Lara. She would drive him into Borsia to give the hero a show of the Trustees powers. Using a special hate ray, she would cause Borsia's greatest speaker to break out into an anti-Gratzia trade hoping to push the two countries to war.

With their plot revealed, Lara would force the Blue Blaze to return to the Trustees castle to be eliminated. The Blue Blaze would defend himself, however the Trustees minions would pile onto the hero and Dr. Vortex would attempt to kill them all by detonating his lab. Only the Blaze would survive, and would be chained to a wall. Seeking to kill the hero still, Vortex would allow one last cigarette, however the Blue Blaze would trick him into allowing him to activate his blue flame, allowing the Blaze to break free. Then he would grab Vortex and force him into the limp pit to a fitting death.

With the hate ray destroyed, hostilities between the two nations would sort itself out and without their leader the Trustees would disband. Weasle was possibly killed in the lab explosion, the fate of Lor and Lara remain unrevealed.

Equipment: The Trustees of Hate had many scientific devices, all were destroyed when Vortex destroyed his lab.
Transportation: The Trustees had at least one car.
Weapons: The Trustees had access to a natural lime pit to dispose of their enemies, using the limes natural properties to dissolve human flesh. They also utilized a hate ray, those struck by the rays beam would come to fell uncontrollable urges to hate whatever subject the Trustees suggested. The effects of the rays proved to only be temporary.

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