The Professor was the head of Weapon X who desires to create the ultimate weapon. He was the one who brainwashed Logan into joining Team X and bonded Adamantium into him; when Logan escaped from the Weapon X Facility, he cut the Professor's right hand.[1]

Despite that, he still leads Weapon X and "recruits" other mutants to join Team X. Knowing of the Hulk's potential to be a weapon, he sent Team X to capture him but the green brute smashed them all.

After Team X returned to the Weapon X Facility, he was pleased that they not only taken down Hulk but also captured Wolverine as well. He intends to re-brainwash him and the Hulk into their side.

But Sabretooth slashed him in the back, wanting to kill his former friend as Deathstrike wants to, which resulted to Wolverine's escape.[1]

It is revealed that the Professor survived the explosion by evacuating and continued his work at Weapon X.[2][3]

When Vision attacked another similar facility, he sent numerous agents to stop him but failed.[4]




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