Like his Earth-616 counterpart, Truett Hudson was a scientist with the Weapon X program, where he was often known simply as “The Professor”. When the program’s agents failed to procure Commander Logan, he choice to have a secondary candidate, Guy Desjardins, subjected to the Adamantium-bonding process instead.

Unfortunately, the process left Desjardins completely unhinged, a murderous berserker whenever he was allowed to be conscious. The Professor declared the experiment a failure, but wished to observe Desjardins to learn all they could for another attempt. Recognizing that Desjardins was an accident waiting to happen however, he choice to observe from a distance, using his government connections to have Desjardins fobbed off on the experimental Alpha Flight team.

He dispassionately observed Weapon X’s rampage on the news when Desjardins escaped from James Hudson’s care. When Logan broke into the program’s labs to find out what he could about the wandering killer, the Professor’s only reaction was to warn him of the illegality of his actions, which did nothing to prevent Logan from hacking their computer files.

Truett Hudson’s whereabouts and activities following these events are unknown, although he was presumably among those sought out by the authorities when Logan released the Weapon X files to the media.

What If? v2 #62 was written while much of the Weapon X program was still a mystery, so details such as even the Professor’s name – both his true name and his alias as Andre Thorton – were naturally left out.

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