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Pangkat ng Tagumpay (in Filipino/Tagalog)[1]
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Philippines' mightiest team, a group of generational superheroes
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Marvel- The Triumph Division

The Triumph Division celebrating

Marvel Manila

Explosion which killed the whole team

The Triumph Division is the main superhero group of the Philippines. According to Filipino tradition, their superhero names are passed down from generation to generation ever since. The members of the Triumph Division trained from birth to someday succeed their predecessors if something happens to them. One incarnation of the Triumph Division was gathered in a single location in Manila the capital city of the Philippines, to be honored with a historic monument for saving victims of a major tsunami that have devastated the Philippines. While they were celebrating, a group of monks came to personally thank them for their heroic efforts. Suddenly, the monks, revealed to be suicide bombers, attacked and blew up the gathered group. All the Triumph Division heroes were apparently killed and it was soon revealed that the monks were actually agents of Ezekiel Stane. Iron Man (who was the Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. at the time) along with the superhero Thor, attended the funeral of one of the members.[2]

Weeks later, Iron Man visited a new Triumph Division incarnation, the new successors of those killed in the suicide bombing. After his meeting, Iron Man determined that "the Philippines are in good hands now."[3]

Triumph Division (Earth-616) second incarnation

Stark visiting the new members

Months later, they were approached by Pepper Potts and Bethany Cabe, who asked them to help rescue Tony Stark from the Mandarin, and they gladly accepted.[4] They subsequently fought against the Mandarin and his Titanomechs together with Iron Man and his allies.[5]

Some time later, the Triumph Division prevented the Macronauts from making a landfall in Quezon City.[6]


Weapons: Various Triumph Division members' arsenal


The Triumph Division is the only Filipino superhero team in the Marvel Universe.

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