Tristram Micawber was a psychic detective hired by Baron Zemo to help him locate the fragments of the Bloodstone that formerly empowered Ulysses Bloodstone.

During the so-called Bloodstone Hunt, Micawber and Zemo's other minions clashed with Captain America and his ally Diamondback. In one encounter on Zemo's yacht, Micawber was knocked unconscious by one of Diamondback's throwing diamonds. This left him frail and weakened for some time after.

Later, Micawber was coerced into helping the Skeleton Crew located their missing leader, the Red Skull. Micawber did located the Red Skull, but had a heart attack due to the stress of the situation, and apparently died.


  • Clairvoyance: Tristram Micawber possessed psychic abilities.
    • Psychometry

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