Clint Barton has used a variety of different arrows, each fitted with a special arrowhead that is either stored in the various small pockets and pouches hidden in his costume or already attached to the arrow itself. He primarily carries multiple copies of:

  • Sonic Arrow
  • Explosive-tip Arrow
  • Smoke Bomb Arrow
  • Flare Arrow
  • Tear Gas Arrow
  • Acid Arrow
  • Suction Cup Arrow
  • Cable Arrow
  • Putty Arrow
  • Bola Arrow
  • Electro-disrupter Arrow
  • Net Arrow
  • Rocket Arrow
  • Boomerang Arrow

He has also been known to carry and use various other trick arrows that he specifically designed with his weapon brandishing skills against specific opponents or out of mere curiosity such as "Fire Arrow", "Freeze Arrow", "Vibranium Arrow", "Sleeping Gas Arrow", "EMP Arrow",and "Tranquilizer Arrow".

Every type of Hawkeye's arrow ever made can be seen here.

Other archers use their own types of Trick Arrows, usually similar to those of Hawkeye.


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