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After his "Acts of Vengeance" failed, Loki created the Tri-Sentinel by magically merging three prototype Sentinels built by Shaw Industries to become the cornerstone for Project Nimrod, a secret government plan to destroy Mutants. Loki reprogrammed the robot to attack a nuclear power plant nearby in order to kill thousands of people; however, Spider-Man used his newfound powers of Captain Universe to destroy it.[1]

Knowing that the Tri-Sentinel would eventually regenerate like other Sentinels do, the Life Foundation gathered its scattered remains so they could reprogram it for security purposes. Before it could regenerate, the Life Foundation surrounded the Tri-Sentinel with an electricity-dampening grid of eletromagnetic pulses, and placed a small bit of Antarctic Vibranium in its control center as a fail-safe measure. Upon activation, the Tri-Sentinel rejected the Life Foundation's programming, deactivated their fail-safe, and restored Loki's prime directive. Spider-Man and Nova joined forces and managed to reactivate the fail-safe, causing its destruction.[2]


Robot: Due to its nature, the Tri-Sentinel was protected by the sheer strength of its hull. It could not be affected by emotional or mental attacks, nor by illusions. However, it was susceptible to attacks affecting machinery. It also used its inner components as projectiles (only against people inside him).

  • Cables: The Tri-Sentinel could attack with cables from its wrists.
  • Cold Blast: Its eyes could spray liquid nitrogen that was used to cage opponents in frozen cocoons.
  • Energy Blast: The Tri-Sentinel had an amount of different blasts, including but not reducing to plasma, electrons, stunning gas and heat, that could be shot from its chest. It was also armed with a disintegrator that only worked on inorganic matter.
  • Magical Energy Bolts
  • Flight used jets
  • Gas Jets
  • Program Repair: Regeneration of damaged systems.
  • Searching Lights: The Tri-Sentinel's eyes were equipped with searching lights.


Could magically override technological backup self-destruction devices.

Strength level

Class 100.


Due to its metallic composure, the Tri-Sentinel could be melted by exposure to Antarctic Vibranium.

  • With three faces and six arms as well as a hostile disposition, the Tri-Sentinel resembles the Asura demigods of Buddhism. Asuras are created through the reincarnation of people who possessed uncontrolled actions and emotions. They are often portrayed as demons who are constantly involved in violence and struggle. Whether this was intentional or deliberate by its creators is unknown.

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