Trevor Hawkins is one of the new mutants to manifest their powers after the war between Avengers and X-Men, around his fifteen years.[4] He quickly enrolled in the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning[5] due to teasing in his public school.[6]

He was among the students to go in the Frankenstein's Monster's Murder Circus. He was beat up by a mind-controlled Kitty Pryde and zombies clowns, and prompted Wolverine to break free of the spell making him believe that he was a clown.[7]

Later, he was among the group send in a field trip to the Savage Land with Wolverine.[8]

When Pixie and Quentin Quire oppose each others with humiliating bets and broke into Doctor Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum, Trevor was assigned as the observer, his mutant ability permitting him to see if Pixie would cheat using magic. That power proved to be useful, as he detected the attack of D'Spayre on Strange, and make his teammates attack him enough to let the Sorcerer defeat the demon. Contrary to Pixie and Quire, he was rewarded by Strange, who gave him a magical lens enhancing his powers.[9]

During his time with the Special Class, he was imprisoned by Mojo in the Mojoverse and gains new abilities from his eyes as a result of experiments conducted by Mojo.[10]


Trevor is a new mutant activated after the Phoenix dispersion, and has displayed the following mutant powers, with his powers being expanded after being trapped in the Mojoverse:

  • Multiple Eyes: Trevor's body is covered by numerous eyes, which allow him to see in multiple directions.[5] Trevor has stated his eyes can't be used to an offensive purpose, but also to see "thing what no one else can see".[6]
    • Magical Wave Perception: Trevor has shown the ability to see magic waves in the air.[6][9]
    • Enhanced Visual Abilities: Trevor has gained special abilities due to his extra eyes such as improved marksmanship and nonverbal communications.[11]
    • Psychological Intuition: Trevor saw through certain personality traits in other people by noting subtle habits.[11] i.e. Shark Girl's fear of abandonment via hand tremors when yelling, Sprite's longing for peer recognition noting her corner eye twitching and Glob Herman's fostering secrets gleaned from his quivering jelly body. He was also able to quickly discern the true motives of two new students who were secretly junior S.H.I.E.L.D agents under orders to report the JG School's activities/dangers to normal human society and shut it down.[12][13]
      • Aura Viewing/Tracking: An extension to detecting mental cues Trevor eventually found he could sense powerful empathetic ties and also track people by following said connections to them, ties of friendship shared between himself and the special class at school for instance.
    • Illusion Perception: Is able to see past illusions and disguises.
    • Electric Wave Perception: Able to see electronic wavelengths
    • Weakness Perception: Can pinpoint weak spots in machines and people, much like the Inhuman Karnak.


Thanks to his powers, Trevor had acquired new abilities:

  • He is an expert marksman.
  • He is also an expert in nonverbal communication and an exceptional personality perception expert.


  • Magical lens: He was given by Doctor Strange a lens enhancing the natural sight and furthermore his mutant abilities. Using it, he can so:[9]
    • See magic with more details.
    • Follow signatures of energy.
    • Separate the radiations spectrum's and define complex patterns.
    • With concentration, he can see through matter.
  • "Eye Pad": A digital pad he used seemingly to check his information about new students he welcomes to school.[2]

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