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Previous Generation

Donald Trask Sr. + unknown
Donald Trask Jr.

Bolivar Trask

Simon Trask

Current Generation

Donald Trask Jr. + unknown
Donald Trask III

Bolivar Trask + unknown
Lawrence Trask
Tanya Trask

Alternate Reality Current Generation

Earth-295 Earth-295
Bolivar Trask + Moira Kinross + unknown
Francesca Trask

Family Tree

                              Donald Trask Sr.
             |                      |                      |
 ?==+==Donald Trask Jr.        Simon Trask          Bolivar Trask==+==?
     |                                                     |
     |                                         +-----------+----------+
     |                                         |                      |
Donald Trask III                          Larry Trask            Tanya Trask

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