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A country in south east Europe which has borders with Macedonia, Romania and Serbia. Mainly Slavic, with a Muslim minority in the western province Romani. President Russoff was a Secret Police Official in the communist era.

Alerted by the Scarlet Witch, the Avengers and the Black Widow came here to look for Pietro Maximoff. There they discovered a huge U.F.O. holding inside a computer named Ixar, draining information from the village's burgomeister. Ixar's plan was to extract the powers from the Avengers and use it to make special Ultroids. They also discovered Scarlet Witch to be a fake Ultroid called Ultrana. Ultrana and the Ultroids attacked the Avengers, capturing them.[1]

Once they were released and the spacecraft took off, the Avengers returned to the village, without telling anyone that their burgomeister was actually Ixar himself.[2]

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  • Transia was first given a name in Thor #133.
  • Transia is a fictional country.


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