The creature known as Torr was an alien that followed a radio signal back to Earth. The signal brought his ship to an observatory in the United States. He captured two scientists, Paul Ramsay and John Carter. The alien creature swapped minds with John Carter, and traveled to New York City to study Earthlings.

He told Ramsey about his plans to conquer the Earth and make it into a slave world. Ramsey grabbed a policeman's gun and shot Torr/Carter, actually 'killing' Torr's personality. Shortly thereafter, Carter's body came back to life as his personality returns.[1]


Torr is telepathic and can switch bodies with another life form by transferring the essences of each person.


Torr possesses amazing strength and a hide impenetrable to basic human weapons.

Strength level

Torr was strong enough to smash through a door, and resistant to injury.


Torr was defeated on Earth in Amazing Adventures #1 when he transferred to a human body. John Ramsay was able to shoot Torr, which destroyed his essence and sent it back to his body. It also transferred the human's essence back so he was not harmed.


Torr came to Earth in a spaceship.

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