Little is known about "Toros", save that he was a Skrull who has has infiltrated the Inhuman community at Attilan under that identity. Toros befriended young Luna Maximoff and attended a special cathedral mass administered by Karnak where he taught younger attendees the history of Kree/Skrull relations. Later that evening, Toros and Luna returned to the cathedral where they saw Karnak analyzing the body of a dead Skrull who, up until recently, had been masquerading as their former liege Black Bolt. When the two accidentally alerted Karnak to their presence, Toros assumed his true form. After a brief battle, Karnak threw the Skrull out a window killing it when it fell and was impaled on a fence.


  • While masquerading as an Inhuman, Toros took the form of a young, male child with blue skin and a corona of blue gas encircling his head.

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