The being known as Tora's past is mysterious, and there is little even she knows. She seems to be an android of similar make and model as Jim Hammond, the android who became the original Human Torch. She became aware of her existence immersed in a water fountain in a Japanese garden. Upon exiting the fountain she burst into flames.

She would be found by Jim Hammond, who taught her how to control her powers, and the two had many adventures and were continually on the run. Eventually, Tora and Hammond would part company, Hammond ending his life when he decided that he had no will to live.

Through unrevealed circumstances, Tora would join up with Xen, a group of super-heroes that under the leadership of Lord Sonfire, that acted as defenders of the Asian continent. She would join her fellow Xen members in traveling to Asgard to help Dr. Strange free Clea from Odin, and later she would help her teammates destroy the reanimated corpse of Fin Fang Foom.

Following this adventure, her current whereabouts are presently unknown.


Tora could bust into flames, and had similar flame powers to that of the original Human Torch.

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