The Top Man was a Maggia leader who bought the Baxter Building to steal the scientific equipment of Mister Fantastic of the Fantastic Four. After purchasing the property, the Top Man posed as the lobby attendant to get a lay of the land. He later delivered an eviction notice to the Fantastic Four in this guise, but the team refused to leave. Arming his men with suits that protected them from harm, he sent them to claim the Baxter Building by force. This led to a clash with the Fantastic Four, who eventually subdued the invaders. When his minion Gimlet almost revealed his identity, the Top Man shot him dead. His claims of coming to the aid of the FF were seen through by Reed Richards who unmasked the Top Man and turned him over to the authorities. [1]

Sources state that the courts found the transaction to be invalid and ownership of the Baxter Building was transferred back to Walter Collins. For his failure, the Top Man was killed in jail by a Maggia assassin. [2]

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