Tommie Boyd was a scrappy young girl who lived in the impoverished neighborhoods of Yancy Street in New York City. Her constant fighting earned her the nickname "Two-Fisted" Tommie Boyd. She later went on to lead an ethnically diverse incarnation of the Yancy Street Gang. When young drug addicts were going missing on Yancy Street, the gang grudgingly joined up with hated former member, the Fantastic Four's Thing to learn who was taking the addicts and why. Their investigation took them to an abandoned warehouse where they discovered the Fantastic Four's long time foe Dr. Doom was experimenting on the youths in order to develop a cure for drug addiction, however to date the experiments proved fatal. While the Thing battled Dr. Doom, the gang rescued his latest victim Jimmy Sokolowski, and they escaped just moments before Doom set the warehouse to explode. [1]

Later, the gang became prime suspects in the murder of young runaway Alison Gaulthing. The gang, having only witnessed the murder, were on the run from the authorities. When the Childwatch Organization hired the young hero named Justice to apprehend them. With the help of the Thing, Justice convinced the Yancy Street Gang to turn themselves in. Realizing that they were only witnesses to the murder, the gang was released from police custody. [2] Later, the gang was involved in a brawl with the rival Nomads gang. The fight was later interrupted when a malfunctioning Doombot went on a rampage on Yancy Street, sending the Yancy Street and Nomad gangs fleeing. The Doombot was eventually taken down by the NYPD's Code: Blue division. [3]

Boyd and the members of her version of the Yancy Street Gang have not been seen since, their subsequent fate is unknown.

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