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At the end of last issue Blade and the others come under attack from flying vampires whilst on board a plane. This issue carries on where they become overwhelmed, Blade jumps out of the plane without a parachute and kills a few before blacking out and falling to his death. Ben manages to save him and all the team survive, they then decide to walk to castle Dracula, Noah then reveals about another part of Dracula's metamorphosis where he needs a human woman so that there will be a new breed of daytime vampires. Meanwhile, Dracula kills his general who was in charge of the flying vampires. He absorbs him as fuel for the transformation. Back with Blade, Lucas telepathically tells Blade about something weird with Divinity. The group manage to hitchhike to their location where they meet up with their on-site team-mate Ion. Soon they come under attack from the Yiki Onna, ice vampires, one of them is responsible for the death of Michiyo's mother. At Castle Dracula Dracula threatens Juito, the Yiki Onna, general that if they do not succeed he will be killed. As the group battle the vampires they realize their only hope is to flee, Michiyo stays behind and reveals her weapon was designed to kill the vampire who killed her mother at the cost of her own life, she stabs herself and both her and one of the Yiki Onna die. The final ice vampire makes a final charge at Blade and the others, kidnapping Noah van Helsing. Back at Dracula's HQ, Van Helsing is revealed to be only Van Helsing in name, not blood, his true name is Noah Tremayne. The Vampire generals swiftly kill Noah. Where Blade is, Blade and the other men discuss their plan to nuke Dracula when Divinity aims a gun in their direction and fires...

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