Tom Evans was a man with a severe gambling problem. By 1944 he had racked up a sufficient debt to make him desperate for fast cash. He began dating Babs Dalton, the daughter of wealthy Fred Dalton. Organizing his own gang under the code name "Funny Face", Tom orchestrated a kidnapping plot to ransom Bab's off for $100,000. In order to hide his own involvement, Tom had his men knock him out from behind, rendering him unconscious.

The ransom plot got complicated when the Angel was called in by Fred to investigate the kidnapping. Tom met with the Angel to tell his part of the story, and he offered the hero one of his specially made cigarettes. This proved to be Tom's undoing, as, when the Angel finally tracked down the hideout where Babs was being kept prisoner, he found a pack of the specially made cigarettes.

Confronting Evans, the Angel was offered another cigarette, this one drugged. The Angel pretended to smoke it and feigned passing out. Tom then left a bomb to dispose of the hero and went to collect the money from Fred directly. The Angel caught up to Tom, and to avoid being captured, Tom threw himself out a window and fell to his death.




Tom was armed with a gun, he used explosives and coated his cigarettes with knockout gas.

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