According to Atlantean myth, Tolan was the ruler of Atlantis prior to the Great Cataclysm, and is the ancient ancestor of the Atlantean Royal Family.

Millions of years ago, Tolan ruled over Atlantis and in his old age felt a bad omen for his people. This omen came true when Nagorbu developed a magnet that could repel human flesh in an effort to solidify the military might of Atlantis. Tolan refused to use the weapon and ordered it to be dumped into the ocean. A combination of the magnet and Nagorbu's attempts to recover it caused a massive flood which ultimately sank Atlantis.[1]

It is unknown if Tolan survived the sinking of Atlantis, although his lineage continues to this day.

The only recorded tale of Tolan was told to Betty Dean by the Sub-Mariner, who admitted that he is unsure of how much truth there is to the story. While the story he told refutes the known facts surrounding the Great Cataclysm, it does not discount that Tolan ever existed.

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