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Brother Tode' was a Deviant who met and married Vira, with whom he had a son, Ranar. Brother Tode bided his time until the opportunity arose for him to seize power, becoming the King of the Deviants.

Brother Tode attempted to destroy the Celestials' cosmic beacon by sending one of his Generals, Kro, to find it[1]. When Kro failed he sent him to attack New York City, taking the form of the humans' devil[2]. Tode was next seen observing a gladiatorial game between Ransak the Reject and Karkas the Mutate. Brother Tode was also able survive the flooding of the City of Toads, the capital city of Lemuria. This event was caused by Eson. The royal family made their new home under the streets of New York City. When Kro once again tried to win over the royal court by capturing the Eternals and their ally Thor however, he was once again stopped and their new home destoyed. Tode left his wife Vira, fleeing with his lover Dragona.

Brother Tode led an attack of Deviants on the city of Olympia, the home of the Eternals. He managed to immobilize the Eternals and disintegrated one of them using a molecular disruptor, having his energy fed into into himself, with which Tode sought to gain eternal life. The Eternals were revived by Iron Man (Jim Rhodes) and Tode and his forces defeated. He and the Deviants from the City of Toads were all then molecularly rearranged into a large organic cube and cast into space by the Uni-Mind.

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