The past history of Tiger Shark mirrors that of his Earth-616 counterpart. In recent history, Tiger Shark was a prisoner within Namor's palace in Atlantis. He was freed along with Orka and his mutated sister Diane. They were accidentally freed by the Thing, when he went to collect the young Mar-Vell who was charged under Namor's protection. Thing lashed out because he still held a grudge against Namor for the death of the Human Torch years earlier. In his attack, he lifted the cover off the cell that held Tiger Shark and the others prisoner. They broke Ben's diving helmet, forcing Namor to have Ben's life while they escaped. It's interesting to note that all three had red eyes and fangs like vampires. However, the reason for this and if they are truly vampires or have become something different remains unknown. Tiger Shark's current whereabouts following his escape are unknown.


Seemingly those of Todd Arliss of Earth-616. It is unknown if his red eyes and fangs signify any additional powers or not.

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