Tod Sultan (Earth-616) from Two-Gun Kid Vol 1 9 0002

Sultan posing as the Black Rider

Tod Sultan was an outlaw who was active during the days of the American Frontier. A wanted outlaw, Sultan tried to seek refuge in the town of Leadville, Texas and was shot by the sheriff. He was only winged in the shoulder and managed to hide out in the doctor's office owned by Matthew Masters. When Masters returned to his practice, Sultan forced him to give him medical treatment for his bullet wound. He then knocked the doctor out and tied him up.

Seeking a disguise to slink out of town in, Sultan instead found Matthew's Black Rider costume and decided to use it to pose as the hero. Dressed as the Black Rider, Tod gunned down the sheriff and fled town, leaving the real Black Rider to take the rap. On his way out of town he crossed paths with Marie Lathrop and her brother Bobby. Recognizing them as the children of wealthy rancher Jim Lathrop, Sultan kidnapped Marie and told Bobby that he was ransoming Marie for $10,000.

Bobby instead rode to the doctor's office where he found Matthew tied up and helped free him. Matthew then rode on his horse Satan to the meeting place, and while hiding behind a bush to protect his double-identity from Marie, lassoed up his impostor. Matthew then forced Tod to remove his costume, but when Masters was putting it on Tod tried to escape by riding out on Satan. However, the Black Rider's horse bucked Sultan off his back, sending the outlaw falling down a cliff to his death. With Marie saved, she was able to clear the Black Rider's good name.[1]




Sultan rode a horse.


Sultan carried a six shooter.

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