Tnneya was the lover of Mrrungo-Mu who tried to escape her lover after she had been exasperated by his power hungry and tyrannical behavior. She was rescued by the Silver Surfer after she had attempted to escape in one of Mrrungo-Mu's ships and was caught by his forces. She managed to seduce the Silver Surfer by tricking him into believing that she was his one true love, Shalla-Bal. The Surfer eventually saw through this deception and went to Mrrungo in order to save Shalla-Ball after she had been captured by Mrrungo-Mu and all those captured by the Enslavers under his control. When Mrrungo was defeated, Tnneya pleaded for the life of Mrrungo to be spared and they were permitted to leave together to parts unknown.[1]


Tnneya had the ability to make anyone who saw her perceive her appearance and characteristics as that of their one true love


Formerly the Enslavers' planet-sized ship

Enemy of the Silver Surfer

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