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Tippy-Toe is a squirrel character in the Marvel Comics Universe. She is a brilliant squirrel that replaced Monkey Joe, who was killed. Though seemingly less intelligent than Monkey Joe, Tippy-Toe may be smarter than she lets on and has proved her worth in a short period of time.

Tippy-Toe (Earth-616)

Part of the squirrel army summoned by Doreen Green (Squirrel Girl) to help against Maelstrom and Batroc's Brigade, she was the only one Squirrel Girl was able to save from Maelstrom's Cosmic Crunch device. Doreen also briefly considered the name Monkey Joe 2 for her. Knowing Squirrel Girl, it is almost a certainty that she would have insisted on Tippy-Toe's membership into the GLA and the GLX.

Tippy-Toe accompanied and assisted Squirrel Girl in defeating MODOK (leaping stop and scratching his face then entering his exo-chair and disabling it) and then Thanos. Squirrel Girl left her behind when she went to fight Terrax, and Tippy-Toe was targeted by Deathurge, who sought vengeance on the GLX-Men for being stranded on Earth and being trapped in squirrel form. However, Tippy-Toe managed to trick Deathurge, who was trapped in squirrel-form, and defeated him.

Tippy-Toe joined the Great Lakes Champions in siding with Iron Man's pro-Superhuman Registration group.


None, Tippy Toe is a normal squirrel.

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