Timothy Mulrooney (Earth-616)

As Captain Tim

A former student of Jeff Jordan, he was there while Jordan sought the formula for the 'Wonder Fluid', a means of granting men increased resilience and strength. Knocking over some test tubes, a gas was released, knocking Jordan out while Tim managed to open an window.

The gas granted them super-powers and they fought crime during the 1940s. When Captain Wonder disappeared, Tim continued as "Captain Tim, Scourge of the Underworld", but he realized his powers were slowly fading. Eventually, in the 1960s, he retired from crime-fighting and opened an electronics store. He no longer felt "special" and this became something of an obsession. His aging slowed, he was still alive when Captain Wonder was discovered and revived. He begged Wonder to give him the formula for the Wonder Fluid, but Jordan had no ability to do so.

Tim was last seen with his old cape leaping off a rooftop, presumably to his death.[1]


Formerly invulnerability, slowed aging, super-strength

Tim's origin is quite similar to that of Tim, the partner of the Black Terror.

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