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Time Variance Authority

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Time Variance Authority
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TVA, Time Variant Authority[1]


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An agency concerned with monitor realities throughout the multiverse and attempting to keep temporal interference to a minimum

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In the very distant future, the Time Variance Authority (or TVA) was formed with the goal of monitor realities throughout the multiverse and attempting to keep temporal interference to a minimum.[2][3] Although the TVA claims responsibility and authority over the entire omniverse, they have continued territorial disputes with Kang the Conqueror and his Kang Dynasty, Alioth, Revelation, Congress of Realities, and the Delubric Consortium.[4][5][6]

Most TVA employees are cloned from the same genetic stalk to reduce disputes and improve efficiency. However, the do recruit new promising candidates such as Justice Peace.[7][6]

Saving Brooklynopolis

When the entire civilization of Brooklynopolis was threatened by a massive Zaniac outbreak occurred during World War VII, the TVA recruited Justice Peace and allowed him to travel back in time and eliminate Zaniac. With the aid of Thor, Justice Peace successfully terminated Zaniac and saved his future.[8]

Time Trial of She-Hulk

Time Variance Authority 002

She-Hulk being brought to her trial in the Null-Time Zone by Justice Peace and Justice Love

Due to the chronolly-related nature of the case, the TVA assisted GLK&H during their defense of Charles Czarkowski. However, one of the jurors pulled from the past was Hawkeye. In an attempted to save his life, Jen Walters tried to pass a letter to Hawkeye. For her interference with the timeline, She-Hulk was brought to trial before the TVA. During the trial, Clockwise infiltrated the Null-Time Zone. She-Hulk was able to stop Clockwise, and Southpaw successfully argued for She-Hulk's value to the multiverse. As a reward for her heroics, Mr. Mobius allowed her to take custody of her fellow imprisoned Avengers, Two-Gun Kid.[9]


At some point in the future, the X-Men administrate the Space Station X, a Sentinel head turned into a monitoring station, and possessing also a vault containing time-travel technology, kept untouched there under an agreement with the Time Variance Authority, among other organizations. Those organizations were the only ones allowed to authorize from enter the vault. In order to protect the vault, Worthington Industries's Archangel Bots were posted there.[10]




Equipment: * Null Time Sequencer - confiscated from Doctor Doom

Transportation: * Hopsikle


  • As part of an inside joke, all of the upper management is "cloned" from Mark Gruenwald, to pay homage to the long-time Marvel Comics' writer/editor and continuity expert.[13]
  • Members of the TVA verbalize unique profanity including "Flarg"[6] and "Kraggit".[8]

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