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Tim Hildebrandt

Real Name
Tim Hildebrandt


Last publication

Date of Birth

, 1939

Personal History

The Brothers Hildebrandt are twin brothers who collaboratively worked as fantasy and science fiction artists. Greg Hildebrandt (born 1939) and Tim Hildebrandt (1939-June 11, 2006) began working in 1959. They are best known for their popular The Lord of the Rings illustrations, painting the first Star Wars movie poster, their pinup arts and their Magic: The Gathering illustrations. Greg Hildebrandt Jr. also made major contributions to the production of a book entitled "Greg & Tim Hildebrandt: The Tolkien Years", which gave an overview of the Tolkien genre artworks produced by Greg and Tim in the 1970's.

Tim Hildebrandt passed away on June 11, 2006 at the age of 67. His death was due to diabetes.

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