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Tildie's powers manifested as she was asleep in her mother's bed. She was having a nightmare that came to life. She killed her mother who was sleeping beside her. Her father rushed in and was also killed. Cops got calls and came to her house to see what was happening. Officer Hoyt was killed in the same way as her parents. Tildie was apprehended.[1]

When Ord of the Breakworld came to Kavita Rao along Abigail Brand, he presented Tildie's file to persuade Rao from working on a cure to mutantism.[2]

Hope Serum

She was taken to BeneTech Laboratories, where she was used as a guinea pig for the "Cure" by Kavita Rao. Tildie lost her powers and stayed at the labs with Kavita, presented by Rao as the ambassador of the product.[1]

When Ord was about to get arrested by both S.H.I.E.L.D. and X-Men, a riot provoked by mutants seeking for the cure allowed him to flee out, kidnapped Tildie and used her as a hostage, before fleeing out using his space ship. Wolverine was thrown on the ship by Colossus, and forced Ord to land back, returning Tildie to Kavita Rao.[2]

Her fate after those events is unknown.


She is an Omega Level Mutant who has the ability to manifest a tan colored, transforming and shapeshifting humanoid creature from her nightmares and bring it to life. She is completely immune to telepathy while in this status, and cannot be affected by most mutants powers such as Shadowcats and Rogue's. She was able to manifest her own nightmares, and could bring her dreams to life. She also was able to transform herself, and while transforming her X-Gene signature got consumed by ethereal energy.

Making a nightmare, Tildie woke up screaming "Veeda", who could be the name of her mother, of a persona associated to her powers, or the way she call Kavita Rao.[3]

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