"Tigers" is a vernacular name that refers to multiple species, including white tigers, Vendhyan tigers and snow tigers, or the Smilodon (sometimes called "sabretooth-tigers"), each closely related or not to each other.


Pre-Cataclysmic Age

On Atlantis, the orphaned Kull (who later became King of Valusia) was adopted as a child and raised by the tigers of Tiger Valley. Kull was instilled with the spirit of a tiger totem.[8]

Hyborian Age

Vendhyan tigers and white tigers

In Vendhya, land of tigers, a myth-born white tigress was appointed by the gods as the guardian of all tigers, the Tigress of the White Star. When tigers were captured by tigers hunters, she would intervene to slay the huntsmen and free the tigers. She also appeared in human form as Bengala, Protectress of Tigers.[9]

Vendhyan tigers were used for their fur,[1] and were sometimes carried by caravans westwards, to fight and die in the gladiatorial arenas of Belverus[3] in Nemedia, and in Wan Tengru, Khitai.[7]

Snow Tigers

Snow tigers lived notably in the province of Tanasul, in Aquilonia,[10] and in Hyperborea.[11]

Modern Age

Many tigers and white tigers were transformed by the High Evolutionary: Count Tagar, Lord Tyger, White Tiger[12] and her sister Snow Queen.[13] White Tiger was later cloned as She-Cat by the Master of the World.[14]

Malcolm Murphy was the unwilling subject of genetics experiment performed by a splinter of Hydra who physically merged him with a tiger, creating a hybrid man-tiger with the memories and instincts of both, who worked under the code-name Man-Eater.[15]


Representatives: Non-exhaustive list of tigers.


  • Zula's clothing was made of a Vendhyan tiger's hide, given to him when he grew to manhood.[1]

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