The Black Celestial betrayed the Celestials, who then imprisoned him under the Diablo Mountains in California.[1] Through his dreams, he summoned thousands of Deviants to augment the mountain while he slept. As a result, he was able to awaken himself. After Galactus lay dying on Earth of his battle with Terrax and the Fantastic Four,[2] the Black Celestial restored him to full health but increased his hunger.[3] The Black Celestial planned to cause Galactus to consume so much that he would destroy the universe, thereby exacting revenge on the Celestials who imprisoned him. Meanwhile, the Black Celestial created a device that would ensure his own survival and would allow him to start a new universe. Eventually, the Fantastic Four discovered the time bubble, tricked the Black Celestial into being consumed by Galactus, and destroyed Galactus and the bubble using the Ultimate Nullifier.[4]


Seemingly those of Tiamut of Earth-616.

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