Quote1 Once, again, the time comesss for...dinosaurs to rule this Earth! Quote2
-- Stegron

Appearing in "Spawn"Edit

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  • Antarctic Research Personnell




Synopsis for "Spawn"Edit

Thunderstrike, the Black Widow, and the Black Panther are called to investigate an Antarctic research base that has lost all communications for over a week. When they arrive, they find the scientists holed up inside a vault, and Stegron on the loose. On board Seth's submarine, Seth reveals that he has cloned himself several times over, which is what Loki desires. He wants Seth's scientists to create a new body for him, and in exchange, he will take care of Thunderstrike.

Appearing in "The Legacy!"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Legacy!"Edit

Eric tells Kevin a story of Thor, going to find the son of his friend Baldric, and helping to teach him to be a warrior.

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