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Thunder Guard (Earth-9907) from A-Next Vol 1 10 001

After the Red Skull won World War II, his heir Victor von Doom came to rule the entire planet.[1]

The Thunder Guard acted as the super-human police force. Ruled by the Norse God, Donar, this organization once numbered in the hundreds. On this world, there were two choices if you were a super-being: join the Thunder Guard or die. When the Avengers went to this world, to investigate their fears that it had plans to invade their own, they encountered the Thunder Guard and were forced to face a tragic battle with them that cost several Avengers' their lives and left the others traumatized. During that battle, many of the Thunder Guard lost their lives as well, their numbers greatly dwindled. While the rest of the Avengers returned to their home planet, having delayed the plans of Doom, Captain America stayed on this alternate earth in an attempt to overthrow Doom through an underground resistance.[2]

When a second group of Avengers came onto the Thunder Guard's earth, they did battle but this time, the Avengers had a more clear-cut victory. Doom was defeated and his troops fractured, battling for power. The entire roster of the Thunder Guard is unknown but many of them closely paralleled heroes of the Avengers' world.[1]

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